Pat's Old and Not So Old Photos

ac50.JPG (228526 bytes)

Pat's first motorcycle, a 1970 Suzuki AC50 in attractive puke green, along with his neighbor, Mike Millican, aboard his new Kawasaki 100.

SUZUKIAC50.JPG (365883 bytes)

Some better quality photos of a Suzuki AC50 found on E-Bay

ac-50_maverick.jpg (38661 bytes)

From the original brochure

AC502.jpg (76682 bytes)

Another Photo of an AC50

ct1.JPG (157421 bytes)

Pat, in his Captain America/Easy Rider phase, demonstrating his riding skills aboard his second motorcycle, a 1970 Yamaha CT-1.

A 1970 Yamaha 175, CT1B

A 1974 CR125, the bike I had after the mighty CT1

50cc.jpg (189659 bytes)

Pat and Mark about to lay waste to the 50CC True Grits Run. Pat's riding the trusty 1983 Yamaha RX 50 cruiser, because it is better to look good than to go fast. Mark is riding the 1967 Honda "50" with the cafe fairing, tank and seat, oil cooler and an engine good for 50 miles of racing. Too bad the Grits is 85 miles.

markpatbeth81grits.jpg (85979 bytes)

Mark and Pat showing the fruits of their labors after the 1989 True Grits Rally, while Beth looks on in awe. Check out the ironing board leg header and the trick VW exhaust tip silencer on Mark's bike.

it1.jpg (94496 bytes)

Pat, nearly leaving the ground over a jump at Milton, FL, on a mighty 1978 IT 175 Yamaha

it2.jpg (96815 bytes)

Pat, actually ahead of someone in a motocross race on the mighty IT.

pe1.jpg (100463 bytes)

The successor to the Mighty IT, the 1980 PE 175, complete with Works Performance shocks.

restraint.jpg (114961 bytes)

Pat, receiving the Mark Hudson-patented rider restraint device (1985). Note the bungee cords for attaching the device to the bike seat. The user must provide his own "secret weapon".

mark81.jpg (36934 bytes)

Mark, at Christmas 1981, trying to get someone to yank his chain. Where did he get all that hair?

richardrussell.jpg (172199 bytes)

At the overlook on the Richard Russell Scenic Highway. Left to right, Loxley, Pat and Beth. Left to right bikes: Loxley's 1982 Honda CX650 Turbo, Ron's Katana 750 Suzuki, and Pat's 1983 Suzuki GS750E.

turboandgs.jpg (62213 bytes)

Loxley's Turbo 650, Pat's GS750, and some unusual looking luggage

Pe175.jpg (25388 bytes)

On the PE175, at the motocross track in Milton, Florida. Note the actual daylight between the ground and the rear wheel of the bike.

pejump.jpg (48803 bytes)

Pat, jumping the PE175 before the cheering crowds at Milton

GS450ESb.jpg (97066 bytes)

The 1980 Suzuki GS450ES-T

GS450ES.jpg (17784 bytes)

Check the cornering ability of the 1980 GS450ES, on Firetower Road. Note the protective gear of the pilot.

Pat450.jpg (97053 bytes)

More photos of the GS in action

GS450ES2.jpg (76828 bytes)

Another photo of the GS450

Dirtbags81.jpg (87266 bytes)

Dirtbags despoiling the Smokies, in 1981

SportTouring.jpg (81482 bytes)

Sport Touring, Dirtbag Style. Photo taken with camera hanging around my neck, on self-timer

SR500.jpg (62595 bytes)

Mark's old SR500

LoxleyCX500.jpg (54602 bytes)

Loxley's Old CX500, before Little River Canyon

SteveTyler.jpg (129835 bytes)

Steve Tyler playing motocrosser

MarkEnduro.jpg (125928 bytes)

Mark riding enduro on a XR200?

garygoff.jpg (136160 bytes)

Gary Goff displaying his trail following skills on his Husky

bigrick.jpg (63696 bytes)


patbodyenglish.jpg (73313 bytes)

Not-Quite-So-Big-Pat displaying the body english which made him such an enduro threat ----to the spectators.

garygoff2.jpg (77781 bytes)

Another shot of Gary Goff, back in the day...

patandgary.jpg (80212 bytes)

Here's Pat about to show Gary the way through a water crossing, with a little help.

WaterCrossing1.jpg (93311 bytes)Watercrossing2.jpg (42587 bytes)

Dirtbags on Parson's Branch Road, 1981

r1100rsl.jpg (139137 bytes)BMW1.jpg (163276 bytes)

Pat's Newest Toy, a 1995 R1100RSL

Pat and Garry did a track day at Talladega, April, 2002. Ruthie came and shot some photos around noon. We need a telephoto lens for this kind of stuff.

pat_tr4.jpg (690939 bytes)

The mighty Hawk, track prepped. Pay no attention to the scratches on the fender in the lower left corner of the photo.

pat_tr2.jpg (345983 bytes)

Pat, showing the way around the skid pad

pat_tr3.jpg (258239 bytes)

Pat, following around the skid pad

pat_tr1.jpg (254334 bytes)

Pat, all by himself on the skid pad

garry_tr1.jpg (405393 bytes)

Garry, abusing someone else's motorcycle, an Aprilia Mille

The WR400F Motard

wr400front.jpg (431267 bytes)

wr400rear.jpg (424037 bytes)

wr400rf.jpg (420422 bytes)

Damn, these things are FUN!


Here are a few shots of me at North Florida Motorsports Park, at the Hawklist Turkey Day Track Day, November 30th, 2002

Ridin' Ruthie's Hawk

Motardin' it

The WR after the Maplesville Hare Scrambles, Jan. 12, 2003

The WR with the Baja Designs kit installed

Ruthie and her Hawk, on Lookout Mountain, Spring Break 2003

Note the unusual looking luggage on the Hawk

Note the new unusual looking luggage on both the Hawk and the BMW. A Ventura Pak for the Hawk, and a Fastbag for the BMW